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Webinar for Polish librarians about the FINLIT project

Webinar for Polish librarians about the FINLIT project

by Beata Tarnowska -
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In Poland, the first webinar under the "FINLIT project" took place for Polish librarians on February 26, 2021. The meeting on the ClickMeeting remote education platform was hosted by Katarzyna Morawska - project coordinator and Beata Tarnowska - financial education expert in public libraries.

During the webinar, the idea of providing financial education to adults by public libraries was presented. Issues such as:

- Purpose of the project and planned educational activities.

- Benefits from participation in the project for Polish libraries and for residents of the commune participating in the project.

- Educational offer for librarians.

- Principles of participation in the project - what do we offer and what do we expect from libraries?

On the website of the Library Development Program in Poland you can watch the recording of the webinar.

Additionally, a presentation with the webinar and a Q&A file were published, which contains answers to questions asked by participants during the webinar.