• Goals of the course

    The main goals of this course are: 

    1. To increase the basic financial knowledge of librarians and adult library users;   
    2. To equip elderly people with practical skills for household budget management;  
    3. To equip public libraries with e-learning tools for life long learning;  

  • Support

    How to take this course? 

    Each of the modules is represented in the form of presentation, consisting of slides. There are some graphical elements on some of the slides, there are clickable shapes and icons and there are tests and exercises in different format that can be taken on the slide or will open when you click on the exercise icon. Please make sure after finishing the last slide and taking the Assessment test of each module you visit the Summary slide marked with the following sign:

    so your results are recorded in the FINLIT platform.

    Fell free to explore and learn on your own. If you have questions you can send a message to your trainer.

    There is an online classroom below where your trainers can schedule a session with the trainees so they can get help and support.

Course’s mapModule 1: Financial planning and personal budget