Project Outcomes

This project is part of a longer strategy on increasing financial literacy level of the adult population in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. By developing an open resource training program for adult trainers and adult users, by using the potential of huge public libraries networks, the successful implementation of the project will have long lasting impact of the targeted countries, but on regional and European level also.

The main project outcomes are:

  • Innovatory web-based learning management platform in four European languages; 
  • Educational program for adult trainers in financial literacy; 
  • Educational program for adult users in financial literacy; 
  • Trained librarians how to work on the platform in each country;
  • Raised awareness among public libraries, financial institutions, adults’ organisations and associations, NGOs and other educational institutions about benefits and advantages of ICT-based teaching; 
I. The Mapping Report (IO1) - available for download here.

Last modified: Wednesday, 26 August 2020, 2:35 PM