Project Summary

The FINLIT project is aiming to increase the level of financial literacy of adults through new approach and by using the huge potential of public libraries as non-formal educators and lifelong training institutions. Project consortium is formed by 4 organisations from 4 countries in Central and Eastern Europe - Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania. Two of the partners are libraries, while the other two are foundations working with public libraries networks on national level.  

The overall objective of the project is to equip librarians – a key group of adult trainers in their every day work, to be able to provide basic financial literacy to their adult uses. This age group (55+) needs further support within the rapidly changing and very complex financial environment where financial products and services are becoming more numerous, more complex and more risky. Special emphasis is given on librarians in small cities and rural areas where different educational activities and lifelong training on key competencies are so necessary. 

Project results will be available in four European languages and some of them also in English. Financial services have long been beyond the national borders and contemporary financial literacy education must reflect market globalization. The consortium is bringing together the efforts of different organization but facing the same deeply recognized need of the population in CEE countries. 

FINLIT project supports also the implementation of specific growth, education, and cohesion policies related to EU 2020 Strategy and Digital Agenda for Europe. In EU 2020 to libraries is assigned significant role in expanding access to education, training and social inclusion of all citizens. Modern libraries are not book-depositories but information and community centres that offer a variety of services to its users, working in partnership with NGOs, public and business organizations, schools, etc.

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