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Adult educator - competences of the future

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Adult educator - competences of the future

In October 2020, a conference was held in Poland entitled "Adult educator - competences of the future" organized by the Innovation and Knowledge Foundation summarizing and disseminating the results of the project "Expanding and developing the competences of adult educators" co-financed by the Erasmus + program.

The aim of the conference was to present the results of the project and summarize the results of research on the functioning of adult education systems in Europe - in England, Poland and Italy. Conclusions from good practices were collected during pilot training and project implementation in selected countries.

During the conference, the publications that are the result of the project were also discussed:

1. A report on the functioning of adult education systems in selected European countries, which summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of adult education systems in all three countries and indicates areas for change.

2. Development of competences of adult educators. A training manual for individual and group work - download the manual in PDF

The handbook consists of 5 thematic modules with a description of individual competences, as well as educational exercises and diagnostic tools. Each module includes a detailed syllabus training program for the use and organization of the workshops. The material was also tested during pilot online training.

The ENG version of the manual can be downloaded here:

3. A report summarizing the project "Expanding and developing the competences of adult educators", which includes conclusions from the pilot training and summarizes the effects of the project.

The report in the ENG version can be downloaded here: Educators-Competences.pdf

Meet the Polish Financial Ombudsman

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On March 31, 2020, FRSI - the FINLIT project coordinator and the Office of the Polish Financial Ombudsman operating as part of the Financial Education Partnership (PREF) jointly organized an internet seminar on "Security of financial contracts and services on the Internet".

It is worth adding that this webinar took place as part of the international campaign Global Money Week (GMW) under the slogan "Learn.Save.Earn" and the European "Week with the Internet", which this year takes place under the slogan "e-Mocni throughout life ".

The webinar was hosted by Katarzyna Morawska from FRSI, and the expert Paulina Krakowska from the Office of the Financial Ombudsman explained to participants of the meeting how to verify financial offer agreements, both those concluded in traditional circumstances and those - increasingly popular - available on the Internet. The expert paid special attention to what should be done before concluding such a contract and told how to safely make online transactions. Online meeting participants also had the opportunity to ask the expert questions in real time.

Learn more about the role and activities of the Polish Financial ombudsman here:

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